About us

Search for Opportunities is Endless

Who we are

Located in Columbia Missouri, Siringet is a travel agency enthusiastic about making your travel experience unforgettable. We do this by providing information that connects our customers to destinations in Africa, USA and other countries around the globe. We believe a successful trip depends on how well it was planned, that’s why we are here to help you organize yours, may it be a business trip, vacation, volunteer work, family visits or study missions just to mention a few.

What we do

Positive experience to our customers is key to our establishment.

Siringet started as an agency that provided information to Africa travelers mainly on where to go, what to do while in Africa, doing business in Africa, accommodation and many other just to mention a few. We later expanded our services to offering information and travel connections to different destinations in the world mainly on:

  • Vocation - places/cities/parks tours/safaris/camping/hotels,

  • Businesses - investment exploration/shopping/trading/buying

  • Immigration - visas/permits/restrictions

  • Living - options for accommodation/housing/homes to go/transport